Binge drinking can refer to either occasional bouts of heavy drinking, or a ‘bender’ which may last for days or weeks. Studies have shown an increased likelihood of acute harm such as accident and injury, when drinking in this manner.

It takes time for alcohol to reach the brain. You may be drunker than you think. By the time you feel the effects of the first drink you could be on your second or third. Drink slowly, monitor how many drinks you’ve had and drink something non-alcoholic in between.

The fun of drinking can turn nasty really quickly – slurred speech, blurry vision and bad coordination. Things you regret like unsafe sex, fights and vomiting in public can happen when you’re binge drinking or drunk. You can also get a hangover that lasts all the next day.

Drinking alcohol before you are 18 can affect your brain development and make it harder to learn and remember things in the future